Furniture Is Built to Last at GoodWood

May 3, 2021 | Uncategorized
Furniture Is Built to Last at GoodWood

There’s a reason why you won’t find a certain Swedish brand of furniture at a vintage shop. It’s just not built to last! But you can’t say the same for the pieces at GoodWood. This reclaimed furniture and antique store promises pieces that have stood the test of time – literally! 

Stop in frequently to keep an eye on the ever-changing stock. Beautiful leather chairs, oriental rugs, one of-a-kind armoires, and interesting odds and ends fill the nicely laid out shop. Whether you’re looking for a piece to complete your space, or love to repurpose a bookshelf or end table into something completely different, a trip to GoodWood should be your first stop for a treasure hunt. 

You’ll also find a few select pieces of clothing and accessories, old-fashioned shaving kits, and boxes of unique postcards – there really is a price point for everyone. And as one Yelper astutely noted, if the prices for the furniture pieces shock you, just head down the street to the boutique stores to see what new pieces are going for. 

GoodWood opens daily at noon, and is easy to find in the U Street Corridor.