Experience Comfort and Ease at Station House

June 7, 2023 | Uncategorized
Experience Comfort and Ease at Station House

Here at Station House, we pride ourselves on our outstanding amenities, from easily accessible transportation to comfortable co-working spaces throughout our lobby. We want all our residents to feel at ease knowing they have plenty of resources available to them, right here at home. 

Washington, D.C. is an exciting, bustling city that offers so much in the way of entertainment; that’s why we’re so thankful we’re located across the street from a metro station, making getting around the District easy. D.C. Streetcar and Capitol Bikeshare stations are also readily available, all located nearby in the surrounding neighborhood. With so many different options of transportation within walking distance, you’ll feel reassured knowing you can get around the city quickly and safely. 

So many of us work from home these days, especially since the pandemic, and have turned our homes into makeshift or permanent offices. That can get a little stir-crazy for some, while others may have to share their space with family members, leading to distractions. This is why we’ve decided to provide co-working spaces for our residents throughout the lobby, including outlets for chargers and access to Wi-Fi. Experience a change of scenery while still having peace and quiet, and get your work done in luxury. 

At Station House, we are dedicated to making your work/life balance a breeze, from transport to the office to the ability to work from home comfortably in our co-working space. We hope you enjoy these amenities and all the other services provided at Station House.